Minolta X-570 Black + MD 50/2 Lens

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操作狀態 Operation Condition : Fully Working

鏡頭狀態 Lens Condition : Clear , no scratch / no haze / no fungus


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Three Months Warranty

Includes 1*Film + 1*Free Film Processing Service



Type: Quartz/electronically governed 35 mm single-lens reflex auto exposure (AE) camera
Exposure-control modes: Aperture-priority automatic ("A") and full metered manual ("M")

Lens mount: Minolta SLR bayonet of lubricant-impregnated stainless steel (standard lenses: MD 50 mm f11.2, f/1.4 or f/l .7)

Exposure control and functions: Low-voltage, low-current computer circuit auto-exposure range: EV 1 to EV18 (e.g., 1 sec. at f/1.4 to 111000 at f/16) at ISO 100/21" with f/1.4 lens; AE lock enables holding meter reading for exposure at that value regardless of subject-brightness changes.

Shutter: Horizontal-traverse focal-plane type; stepless speeds 1/1000 to 4sec. at "A" or fixed speeds 1 to 1/1000sec. or "B" (bulb) at detented indications; electromagnetic shutter release locks when voltage too low for proper operation.

Metering: TTL center-weighted averaging type, by silicon photocell mounted at rear of pentaprism for available light; by another SPC mounted with optic in side of mirror compartment for through-the-lens (TTL) off-film Direct Autoflash Metering to control burst duration of PX-series flash units

Mirror: Multi-coated oversize instant-return slide-up type

Viewfinder: Eye-level fixed pentaprism type; Fresnel-field focusing screen having artificially regular patterned matte field plus central split-image horizontally oriented focusing aid surrounded by microprism band, interchangeable with Type P1, P2, Pd, M, G, L, S or H screens at authorized Minolta service stations; LED display and metering activated by normal finger contact or slight pressing of operating button and continue for 15sec. after finger removed, except go out during exposure

Flash sync and control: Hot shoe and PC terminal for X sync, camera-control contact on hot shoe for automatic setting of shutter at 1/60sec. (except when AE lock engaged or mode/shutter-speed selector set for sync at "B") and flash-ready signaling with PX and X units; second spring-loaded contact on hot shoe for burst control by Direct Autoflash Metering

Film advance: Manual: by lever; motorized: with accessory Motor Drive 1 or Auto Winder G; advancing-type frame counter; Safe Load Signal indicates film condition.

Power: Two 1.5v alkaline manganese (LR44: Eveready A-76 or equiv.), two 1.55v silver-oxide (SR44: Eveready S-76, EPX-76, or equiv.), or one 3v lithium (CR-113N) cell(s); no LED's light and shutter will not release when voltage too low for proper operation.

Self-timer: Electronic for 10-sec. delay, with operation indicated by LED that blinks at 2 Hz for 8sec., then 8 Hz for l sec., then remains on until shutter releases, plus simultaneous audible indication when main switch in appropriate position; engaged by switch on body, cycle started by pushing operating button, cancelable anytime before release

Source and more details: http://www.jwhubbers.nl/mug/x-570.html


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