Minolta X-700 MPS Black + MD Zoom 35-70/3.5 Lens

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操作狀態 Operation Condition : Fully Working

鏡頭狀態 Lens Condition : Clear , no scratch / no haze / no fungus



Three Months Warranty

Includes 1*Film + 1*Free Film Processing Service


35mm Single-Lens Reflex


MD Zoom 35-70mm f/3.5 lens


It has program and aperture-preferred automation modes.

Manual mode only indicates the suggested shutter speed in the finder; you have to take your eye away from the finder to see what you've actually set.

It weighs 17.5oz (520 g)

Minolta X-700 has a stainless steel lens mount.

"MPS" on the front stands for "Minolta Program System," which was hot stuff when Program automation cameras were novel in 1985. Today it just means it has program mode, like every other camera.

It has a cloth horizontal focal plane shutter.

It runs on two S76 button cells.

Camera specifications from source: https://www.kenrockwell.com/minolta/700.htm


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