Minolta XD Black + MD Rokkor 50/1.7 Lens

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操作狀態 Operation Condition : Fully Working

鏡頭狀態 Lens Condition : Clear , no scratch / no haze / no fungus

觀景窗有少許塵但不影響拍攝 Viewfinder little dusty but not affect shooting outcome


拍攝效果 Sample Photos:





Three Months Warranty

Includes 1*Film + 1*Free Film Processing Service



XD being known as the XD7 in Europe and the XD in Japan.

Compact 35mm single-lens reflex with shutter- or aperture-priority automatic or metered/full-manual exposure control.



MD Rokkor 50mm f/1.7 lens


Exposure range of EV 1 to EV 18 (ISO 100 and f1.4).
Exposure correction from -2 to +2 EV.
Minolta SR lens mount.
Flash sync at hot shoe or terminal at 1/100s.
Electronic vertical-travel metal shutter with the electromagnetic release. This is the Seiko MFC (Metal Focal Plane Shutter) – further development of the CLS (Copal Leitz Shutter) used on the Leica R3 and on the Minolta XE series.
Two mechanical shutter speeds are available at 1/100s and B (bulb)
Shutter speeds of 1s to 1/1000s plus bulb setting.
Multi-Mode exposure: control of shutter speeds in aperture-priority auto-exposure mode, control of diaphragm values in shutter-priority auto-exposure mode and manual exposure.
TTL center-weighted metering (silicon diode).
94% viewfinder coverage.
Acute Matte focusing screen with split-image bi-prism surrounded by microprisms. Four screens available, replaced by a technician.
0.87x viewfinder magnification.
Viewfinder information depends on operating mode:
In aperture priority, shutter speed is indicated by LEDs.
In shutter priority, the aperture is indicated by LEDs.
In manual mode, the recommended shutter speed is indicated by LEDs. The chosen shutter speed is shown in a separate window.
With Minolta X-type flashes, flash-ready is signaled by blinking over-range LED.
Aperture setting is shown in all modes.
Battery: 2x LR44; 2x SR44 or equivalents; or one CR1/3N.
Mechanical self-timer.
Depth of field preview.
Film memo holder.
Safe-load signal indicating film present and correctly spooled.
Film advance release allowing multiple exposures.
Motorized film advance possible with Minolta Auto Winder D.

More details of specifications please refer to : http://www.rokkorfiles.com/XD11.html


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