Kodak Gold 200, 36Exp. (三卷裝)


KODAK GOLD 200 Film is a low-speed color negative film that offers an outstanding combination of color saturation, fine grain, and high sharpness. It is designed for general picture-taking situations in daylight or with electronic flash. It also features wide exposure latitude—from two stops underexposure to three stops overexposure.

KODAK GOLD 200 菲林適合於日光下或棚內引閃拍攝。影像明亮清晰,色彩鮮艷,此菲林能使紅黄的暖色調的光線更豐富。


36EXP, 3PACK / 36張, 三卷裝

ISO: 200

Format: 135 

Type : Color Negative 

Process: C41 

Origin: USA