Kodak T-Max 100, 120

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KODAK PROFESSIONAL T-MAX 100 Film is a continuous-tone panchromatic black-and-white negative film for general outdoor and indoor photography. It is especially useful for detailed subjects when you need maximum image quality. This film features medium speed (ISO 100/21° in most developers), extremely high sharpness, extremely fine grain, and very high resolving power. It allows a very high degree of enlargement.

T-MAX 100 專業黑白菲林,具非凡細膩的顆粒和卓越的層次感,適用於影像質量有嚴格要求的拍攝。其超高清晰度及解像力,適合專業放大。


ISO: 100

Format: 120

Type : B&W Negative

Process: B&W

Origin: USA